Under Nike’s wings

She said yes,
the glass of the pyramid shone brighter,
just like her eyes, and the Winged Victory smiled
benevolent from her faceless body,
wings spread and ready to fly.
The lock shines under a moonless garden,
its key buried in their hearts.


And the poet in her heart stepped into the light
No longer hidden, the question answered
To be forever, and never not to be

St. Patrick’s Day Eyes

On March 17

In a country bright green

Where music is sacred

And always has been

The party commences

The fiddlers stand tall

Guitars matching voices

Their sound thrills the air

I’ve never been there

But I hear what it’s like

When I close my eyes

And imagine I’m there

People are drinking

The weather is nice

And I hold your hand

My girl with St. Patrick’s Day eyes


Onward, forward

At times the past gets in your way

Rolling out it’s evil play

Tears and anger

Things that can’t be changed

Don’t go looking for escapes

‘Cause all to do is just remember

In the end, the only way

Is onward, forward…

Memories of August

The waters of life may be shallow

Or as the wide green sea, so deep

As I tried to swim in both, the difference

I know. It makes me want to keep

The things found in the ocean,

Hidden, brought to light

The water salt. But sweet

The memories of August




When life is full of darkness and the sun is hard to find

the stars become invisible, your dreams pitch black at night.

Buried in this darkness, with tears that cloud your eyes,

it’s hard to see a future and the ones who reach their hand.

Yet even without seeing, can the helping hands be felt,

the spirits make you suffer, but always with a cause.

From darkness stretch your arms, and you will find support,

a heart to help you find the bright blue sky again.

Let the slayer of illusions kill your nightmares

And the angel be your dawn…



All the things you say

Reach straight into my heart

I feel you deep inside

All through day and night

Never will I now forget

Not till the end of time

All that you mean to meforever

Inspiration #1: A haiku

Your apples bright green
Pink your autumn peaches;
Take me through winter

My anger came out

I tried to follow the news last week, online mainly. I hadn’t done that for real in over a year, and I stopped quickly. It didn’t work, I got angry and restless like before. Partly because of bad timing, with the Orlando shootings being in the headlines, partly by the way people think and react on these things. So, I’m off the news again – apart from an occasional quick headline scan to make sure I don’t become ignorant of the world.

The lines below were written largely out of anger, and not everybody will like them, but I will keep them here – just for the record.

Someone’s child has died
Someone’s friend, someone’s sister,
someone’s kin
Forty nine of them in total, lifes cut short
and dreams demolished

One mans stands in front now
Raise his chin, raise his voice,
raise his fist
“I had this all predicted, I know all,
and I will lead you”

Are you happy, Agent Orange,
Now that so many more have died
To prove your point, moot to begin with,
just to let your ego thrive?

I cry for those who died, despise
the one who killed
But more than that I pity
Eyes closed for what goes on


How will it grow (3)

Some time ago, I heard a song – one that I played 10 times tonight on the way home from band rehearsel. It is a song that relates very closely to Watch You Sleep, the song that ‘How will it grow‘ on this blog is about: 6000 friends, by Ocean’s 5.

6000 friends

The song tells the story of a man, creating an imagined life for himself on the internet:

A  lonely old rider in the middle of nowhere
Looking out on a page filled with lies of his world
Status stream on his homepage, life is bordered on empty
He’s desperately searching for someone to hold
He’s stuck in a cycle of nothing, stuck in a cycle of shame
stories of glory and fame he’s got
6000 friends and no-one to love, he’s got
6000 friends and no-one to love

It also tells the story of a woman, spending lonely evenings in a bar:

In a bar in a far off town, she walks in and she sits right down
Bys a drink moves away on her own
People laughing and making light it’s the start of a perfect night
No-one waiting to pone she’s got no-one at home
But when the lights go out, and hte bar is kicking out
People laugh as they move away, it’s the end of a prefect day. She’s got
6000 friends and no-one to love, she’s got
6000 friends and no-one to love

Both kind of sad stories. In a sense, Watch You Sleep was inspired by this, next to Sonia Mota’s drawing I published earlier – in between the lines, it tells the story of what could happen if these two had met each other – on the net, or in a bar.

Right now, with a minor (to be published) change to the lyrics, I’m working on the music for the song – fretless bass, guitar, piano and vocals. A hard task, forcing me to re-capture 10 years of piano lessons after 10 years of not playing, but steadily I’m getting there. Hopefully it’s done before summer, but I have some more work to do for the Colin Tench Project in between. More on Watch You Sleep soon though!

How will it grow? (2)

A couple of months go, I wrote a post here, with the title How will it grow? In that post, I wrote about how I was planning on dreaming up a poem, or even a song lyric around four lines of text that came up in my mind on that day:

The sheets just give a hint of shape
Your hair a crown upon your pillow
Curled up, far away in dreams
I sit down and watch you sleep

Back then, I promised to post an update about the growth process every once in a while, but it turned out different than expected… Two days after writing these four lines, I was talking to graphic artist Sonia Mota, who does cover art for among others Corvus Stone. During our talk, I came up with an idea, and asked her if she would be able to draw something inspired by the lyrics, that I would then in turn use to extend the lyrics themselves. She liked the idea, and after more than two months of sending versions of both the drawing and the lyrics back and forth, we ended up with what is in the picture below. In every step, the lyrics and drawing inspired each other, resulting in a three piece song lyric. I, or actually we – Sonia is part of this as well – expect that many people will be able to relate to to this, and I’m quite pleased with the result.

So, instead of posting the intermediate steps I had in mind in July, we actually end up with the full result here. Except for one thing. Since I called it lyrics, that implies a song, so now I’ve entered a new stage in this exercise: writing music to the lyrics. Now I reckon that will keep me busy on and off through the coming winter, but once again, I may try to post some intermediate results here. Even if I don’t, by spring time I’ll be hopefully presenting the end result…

Watch you sleep

Watch you sleep

P.S. As a nice side effect of this exercise, Sonia created the banner I use on this web site – I though I’d mention that, just to explain the similarity.