Silhouette CD launch – The World Is Flat…

After three years of hard work, especially the past 6 months, it’s finally there. Silhouette’s new album The World Is Flat (And Other Alternative Facts) will be presented to a live audience on September 22nd at Parktheater Alphen. That evening, you will hear the new music, by a band that wants to go for it!

The band will share the stage with British prog act The Gift, who released a wonderful album Why The Sea is Salt in 2016. If you missed them at ‘t Blok in February, here’s your chance to catch up.

A fairy tale

Once upon a time, two years ago, I moved into a small cottage on a forest estate – a former holiday park. It was quiet, it was peaceful and it got me far enough away from things I was facing to start seeing them for what they are. I’m still working on that, but a year ago last week, I found a fairy that helped me further on the way to achieving that. A fairy with special magic, that radiates from a pair of sparkling green eyes. Last week, almost exactly a year after we met for the first time, she came to what should be the home of a fairy like her, the forest where I live.

That was a wonderful experience, full of surprise. Who would have thought that fairies know tricks to light a fire more efficiently, without using magic? And who would have thought fairies would feel so at home in a house of men, a completely different species?

We did a fire dance, around the barbecue, throwing in small twigs occasionally to get the fire going, and once the embers were glowing as hot as they could, we roasted meat and vegetables. We feasted together, and drank the wine of the elves. We went out to meet other people, traveling around the cities that surround the forest, and we enjoyed the food and wines at a nearby festival. Most of all, however, we enjoyed each others company, and that wonderful thing called love…

Tonight, I drink to many more encounters like this and to the fairy that lighted up the darkest time of my life. Here’s to years to come!


Under Nike’s wings

She said yes,
the glass of the pyramid shone brighter,
just like her eyes, and the Winged Victory smiled
benevolent from her faceless body,
wings spread and ready to fly.
The lock shines under a moonless garden,
its key buried in their hearts.


And the poet in her heart stepped into the light
No longer hidden, the question answered
To be forever, and never not to be

A new dawn..

Last night I was side kick on Into The Mirror Black, next to my wonderful DJ Morgana. We had an interview with Arjen Lucassen and a showcase of the forthcoming Ayreon album The Source. I had a great time, we had a great time – and we’ll do this again.

Does that mean my own show will stop? No, of course not. But there will be some changes in other areas. My reviews have become very infrequent and that is how I feel about reviewing right now: I’d rather enjoy the music and write she. I feel like it, without the pressure of ‘having to deliver’. So there will be a few more soon, for Background Magazine, but after that I’ll go back to doing it on my own. No pressure, and only do it when I feel like. And as for the 100 words? That will stay, because it’s a nice way of writing about the essence of things. And it allows people to get an idea of a album, and then go straight to the music.

So, leaving planet Alpha and on to planet Y, for a new dawn. Not through the black hole, but Into The Mirror Black….


St. Patrick’s Day Eyes

On March 17

In a country bright green

Where music is sacred

And always has been

The party commences

The fiddlers stand tall

Guitars matching voices

Their sound thrills the air

I’ve never been there

But I hear what it’s like

When I close my eyes

And imagine I’m there

People are drinking

The weather is nice

And I hold your hand

My girl with St. Patrick’s Day eyes


A memory

Sun on the flower,
above the fairy
The dragon
Reaching up from the shadows
A watch not ticking,
over a hat
My hands entangled in blue
A memory to recreate


Goodbye, goodnight

The road is long, uneven

And traveling it takes time

Yet with every move we make

We eat away distance, and time

Eventually we’ll get there,

if we keep our goal in mind

And we will know our time has come

When we’re pulling up the blankets

and goodbye becomes goodnight




Aisles – Hawaii

First time I heard Aisles was on their dark concept album 4:45AM. With Hawaii, they deliver another 80 minute concept album, about a group of human colonies surviving after the earth is destroyed. Musically it’s a very interesting mix of melodic symphonic rock, transferring the sound of the 70s and 80s to a 21st century sound. There is no lack of musicianship in this band, and Angel is one of the best vocalists I know. Highlights for me: jazz rock infused The Poet, and the wonderful, very melodic, symphonic rock pieces CH-7 and Pale Blue Dot. Progressive Rock lives in Chile.


Highly recommended.

Onward, forward

At times the past gets in your way

Rolling out it’s evil play

Tears and anger

Things that can’t be changed

Don’t go looking for escapes

‘Cause all to do is just remember

In the end, the only way

Is onward, forward…

To a wonderful 2017, and to forget 2016

Well…. 2016 wasn’t exactly the most fun I’ve seen in the past almost 44 years. A year to forget in many respects – personal, relational and musical. It also had an ending I’d rather have not seen.

However, there’s a bright star I found in 2016 that I intend to follow in 2017. And that will make 2017 a much better year than 2016. So, I’ll be brief and just wish you all the best for the coming year, and see you all on what will be a wonderful trip.

Tja…. 2016 was niet het mooiste van de afgelopen bijna 44 jaar voor mij. Een jaar om te vergeten in veel opzichten, persoonlijk, relationeel en muzikaal. Het had ook een einde dat ik liever niet had gezien.

Maar, ik heb in 2016 ook een ster gevonden om te volgen in 2017. Die gaat van 2017 een mooier jaar maken dan 2016. Dus ik hou het kort en wens jullie allemaal het allerbeste voor het komende jaar, en tot ziens op deze mooie reis.2017