Goodbye, goodnight

The road is long, uneven

And traveling it takes time

Yet with every move we make

We eat away distance, and time

Eventually we’ll get there,

if we keep our goal in mind

And we will know our time has come

When we’re pulling up the blankets

and goodbye becomes goodnight




Aisles – Hawaii

First time I heard Aisles was on their dark concept album 4:45AM. With Hawaii, they deliver another 80 minute concept album, about a group of human colonies surviving after the earth is destroyed. Musically it’s a very interesting mix of melodic symphonic rock, transferring the sound of the 70s and 80s to a 21st century sound. There is no lack of musicianship in this band, and Angel is one of the best vocalists I know. Highlights for me: jazz rock infused The Poet, and the wonderful, very melodic, symphonic rock pieces CH-7 and Pale Blue Dot. Progressive Rock lives in Chile.


Highly recommended.

Onward, forward

At times the past gets in your way

Rolling out it’s evil play

Tears and anger

Things that can’t be changed

Don’t go looking for escapes

‘Cause all to do is just remember

In the end, the only way

Is onward, forward…

To a wonderful 2017, and to forget 2016

Well…. 2016 wasn’t exactly the most fun I’ve seen in the past almost 44 years. A year to forget in many respects – personal, relational and musical. It also had an ending I’d rather have not seen.

However, there’s a bright star I found in 2016 that I intend to follow in 2017. And that will make 2017 a much better year than 2016. So, I’ll be brief and just wish you all the best for the coming year, and see you all on what will be a wonderful trip.

Tja…. 2016 was niet het mooiste van de afgelopen bijna 44 jaar voor mij. Een jaar om te vergeten in veel opzichten, persoonlijk, relationeel en muzikaal. Het had ook een einde dat ik liever niet had gezien.

Maar, ik heb in 2016 ook een ster gevonden om te volgen in 2017. Die gaat van 2017 een mooier jaar maken dan 2016. Dus ik hou het kort en wens jullie allemaal het allerbeste voor het komende jaar, en tot ziens op deze mooie reis.2017

Memories of August

The waters of life may be shallow

Or as the wide green sea, so deep

As I tried to swim in both, the difference

I know. It makes me want to keep

The things found in the ocean,

Hidden, brought to light

The water salt. But sweet

The memories of August




When life is full of darkness and the sun is hard to find

the stars become invisible, your dreams pitch black at night.

Buried in this darkness, with tears that cloud your eyes,

it’s hard to see a future and the ones who reach their hand.

Yet even without seeing, can the helping hands be felt,

the spirits make you suffer, but always with a cause.

From darkness stretch your arms, and you will find support,

a heart to help you find the bright blue sky again.

Let the slayer of illusions kill your nightmares

And the angel be your dawn…



It’s been a while since I posted reviews regularly. I find it hard to find the time to write – not so much time to listen. So, I’m going to experiment with a new approach. The remaining albums to review this year will be done in the style of 100 word reviews. If that works, I might extend it to 150 max, but 100 seems nice. Next one up shortly!!!




Cloud 9

One entered

Two looked green

Six. traced with a finger

Twenty eight the day

Fourteen came after

None matched the softness

Of four hundred eight




All the things you say

Reach straight into my heart

I feel you deep inside

All through day and night

Never will I now forget

Not till the end of time

All that you mean to meforever