Night of the Prog, the morning before…

I arrived on Thursday night, with my mind set on a very busy schedule – three days of prog bands live, and me having a press/photo pass to cover it for my blog, Background Magazine and ProgPlanet.

I booked a hotel in Kestert, 10 minutes from the Freilichtbühne, and the town was crowded with prog fans – the two restaurants and the three guesthouses were full of them. Old, young, fat, skinny, male, female, but most of all recognisable through t-shirts, hairdo and the occasional tattoo that seem to mark music fans world wide.

The hotel WiFi gave up at 11PM on Thursday night, so while I type this I have no clue whether I can post it to any of the web sites during or only after the festival. The hotel manager is going to fix it, they promised, but he’s not on site right now and I have no clue when he will be….

It’s a Murphy’s law weekend anyway, so we’ll see.  Murphy’s law? Yes indeed, the one that makes things go wrong just because they can. First I forgot my laptop, so I had to go buy another one to be able to type this. I got one, but it doesn’t have an SD card slot, so now I have to get my pictures from the camera through a USB cable. Oh well – it’s not that much slower.

On a plus – while I was at breakfast, the cleaning lady made my bed and even folded up my roadworn jeans from yesterday. Won’t be needing those today, with temperatures going into the 30s in the afternoon…. Let’s take the sun screen, pack the camera’s and get going for a nice first day at Night of the Prog 2015….

Today’s program:

13.30 Lesoir

15.00 Beardfish

16.30 Gentle Storm

18.20 Pendragon

20.30 Neal Morse Band

23.00 Camel

Oh what the heck… it’s text only, so I’ll cannibalise a bit on my 3G data roaming and post this anyway. It won’t hurt much, assuming the WiFi gets fixed today.