July 7th was a traveling day. We left Niagara Falls at 8AM, and crossed the US border accompanied by the rumbling of a thunder storm, that may have announced the end of a heat wave in the USA. It certainly cooled s down, after a 33 celcius day in Niagara.
After crossing the border, the I-190 took us East, to Rochester and the to Utica, and where we left the motorway and headed North into the Adirondacks. Miles and miles of forest, and with single houses and small towns lined the road, until we stopped for night at Old Forge.


The view from our camping site

We spent the night at Lake White, I am a beautiful area I habited by Black bears, which we did of course not see. The weather changed to sunny again when we got there, and so we ended a day on the road with a barbecue.

A full day trip is quite tiring. Tomorrow we’ll travel a bit further towards Lake Placid and Burlington. From now on, and we only do short stints for about a week.

Note for after coming home: combine photos from all phones and cameras into one photo bucket.


Traveling is always part of our way of enjoying a holiday.This van year, it’s Canada’s turn to keep us occupied in that respect. Yesterday we arrived in Toronto and checked into  a hotel for one night, to make sure we got some sleep before picking up our camper. This was not exactly unneccesary,  given that one of the childrnfell asleep at 7PM, after being awake for 20 hours.

Still,  we had a first (early) evening out,  at local Japanese restaurant Sushi-Ya. A lovely beef Teri-Yaki and Kyo sushi boat were our share. The service was excellent, and the food tasted even better than it looked.  A request by our daughter to take a photo of the sushi chefs resulted in a waitress taking her picture with the two chefs…


The sushi boat


Teri Yaki


The skippers of the sushi boat

Off to a great start of 4 weeks in Canada and the US….