My anger came out

I tried to follow¬†the news last¬†week, online mainly. I hadn’t done that for real in over a year, and I stopped quickly. It didn’t work, I got angry and restless like before. Partly because of bad timing, with the Orlando shootings being in the headlines, partly by the way people think and react on these things. So, I’m off the news again – apart from an occasional quick headline scan to make sure I don’t become ignorant of the world.

The lines below were written largely out of anger, and not everybody will like them, but I will keep them here – just for the record.

Someone’s child has died
Someone’s friend, someone’s sister,
someone’s kin
Forty nine of them in total, lifes cut short
and dreams demolished

One mans stands in front now
Raise his chin, raise his voice,
raise his fist
“I had this all predicted, I know all,
and I will lead you”

Are you happy, Agent Orange,
Now that so many more have died
To prove your point, moot to begin with,
just to let your ego thrive?

I cry for those who died, despise
the one who killed
But more than that I pity
Eyes closed for what goes on


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