Interview: The Royal Spuds

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Sometimes it is interesting to take a little side track. This site is mainly about progressive music, as I state on the about page – and that leads quite quickly to progressive rock. However, sometimes it’s good to refresh your mind and venture outside the regular. So, today I publish an interview that I did with a band called The Royal Spuds, a punk/folk band from Leiden in The Netherlands. And surprisingly, there still was a progressive link there. The band consists of members with different backgrounds, leading to influences from folk, punk and metal in their music – the lead guitarist turns out to be an actual Porcupine Tree fan…


So, on a Wednesday evening, we sat together in the Muziekhuis (music house) in Leiden, and talked about the history of The Royal Spuds, the background of the band members, the pending tour in Ireland – with a short side track into Irish food and banjo players here and there. As usual, we also touch upon production and composition, to make sure the balance between history, humour and music is correct.


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