Track of the Day: Pocket Size Sthlm – Halo (Portait of the Artist as a Composer)

One of the albums in my stack of pending reviews is Exposed Undercurrents by Swedish project Pocket Size Sthlm, a project consisting mainly of  composer and guitarist Peter Pedersen. He compares his way of working to that of Kevin Ayers and Syd Barrett, i.e. composing his own music and relying on cooperation with other musicians to get it recorded.


At first listen, I was surprised to find ’70s rooted psychedelic prog, with hints of old Pink Floyd, but also a bit of Canterbury here and there. This one needs more listens before I can review it, but the opening track Halo (Portrait of the Artist as a Composer) makes a great track of the day. Enjoy – and maybe relive the 70s for a moment.