TotD: Murky Red – Wild Flower

Way down in the country of friendly people, great beer, good food and smurfs (Belgium, if you didn’t get that already) live the members of a band called Murky Red. I’ve reviewed their first album Time doesn’t Matter recently, released already in 2013. Meanwhile, band leader Stef Flaming has been working on a project called Transmission Rails, covered his own Boots for Hire on the Corvus Stone II album, and is working on a solo album. He apparently also tried to organise a barbecue party with only a virtual barbecue. Luckily a famous Dutch sous-chef, who goes by the name of his girlfriend when online, was there to save the day (and his own ass, as insiders know).

This year a new album is due, and the band just released the first single online – a nice chance to make it Track-of-the-Day. That is also a look-ahead to a new thing that I am planning for this site – something to do with ‘big ones’ and ‘small ones’.

EDIT: The following comment on this clip deserves to be here and not hidden in the marshes of Facebook…

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 20.58.15

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