ToTD: Track of the Day new style

Since mid november I have been posting a daily ‘Track of the Day’ on my Facebook wall. To make the tracks of the day easier to find, and to keep track of which ones I used already, from now they will be coming from my music blog – and from there be broadcasted to my Facebook wall, my Twitter account and the Google+ page of my blog.

The coming days, I will be publishing a track from each of the albums I reviewed since October of this year, in reverse order of reviewing. After that, it will be random selections again, with a short background note on each of them.

My reviews will appear in all these same places, and some of them also on Background Magazine. For those looking for some of their music (progressive rock or related) to be reviewed, feel free to contact me through either one of the above channels – I buy a lot, but can’t afford, nor keep track of all new releases.

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