Spectral Mornings 2015

Those who know Steve Hackett‘s work also know the center piece of his 1979 master piece Spectral Mornings. On April 27th, so yesterday, a charity EP was released which contains four different versions of that track.


The first version is a re-recording of the track, with vocals (male and female) of the song, the second a piano version of the same. After these, a new rendition of the original follows, and the EP is closed with the classic mix, which stays closest to the original from 1979. Each of the four has its own merits, but played after one another they resemble a long, very enjoyable version of Spectral Mornings.

The EP is sold through Cherry Red Records, and as said, it’s a charity EP: all proceeds will go to Parkinsons Society UK, who are funding research into preventing and curing Parkinson’s Disease.

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