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About me

This blog started out as a travel, photography and music blog. All three will be present, but the main focus from now on will be on (progressive) music.

The image at the top of the blog was created especially for this blog, by Sonia Mota.

Angelo Hulshout  – September 28, 2015

For questions, or requests to review a specific album can be submitted below. Note that I only honour review requests from bands and record companies, and only if the music fits the purpose of my site (progressive rock in general, and promoting the lesser known bands in that area).

On copyright

I am the sole copyright owner of every post on this web site. Some of the posts (mainly reviews and interviews) may appear also on ProgPlanet.com, ProgArchives.com or BackgroundMagazine.nl.

If you would like to post some or part of one of my articles, please ask and I’ll likely agree – provided I’m credited as the original author.


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