Alvin’s CM album announced!

Today, we have a special announcement from Angelo’s Rock Orphanage. In cooperation with Nick Katona, I will start distributing new European releases by a limited set of new prog acts, names to be announced over the coming weeks.


First release will be Alvin’s CM, the solo debut album of graphics artist and vocalist Sonia Mota. On this album, she will show that besides drawing and band marketing, she is also a skilled soprano singer. The album will contain 1-4 tracks, and it will feature a set of known musicians from the Melodic Revolution Catalog:

  • Guitars: Colin Tench and Peter Matuchniak
  • Drums: Alan Smith, Robert Wolff
  • Bass: Petri Lemmy Lindstrom
  • Fretless bass: Angelo Hulshout
  • Keyboards: Pasi Koivu
  • Backing vocals: Andy John Bradford, Lorelei McBroom and Kristoffer Gildenlöw

The album will be released in november 2016, and all the artwork will of course be done by Sonia herself.

N.B. Please note the date of this post 😉 – AH 5/4/16

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