Moonburn – Null Abstract

Moon burn are an Indian band, which just released their debut EP, entitled Null Abstract. The EP consists of 5 tracks, four of which have a length of around 6 minutes, the last one (the title track) being a little bit shorter. [acfw id=2]


All tracks are build around a guitar tune, and keyboards and the rest of the instruments merge around that. The songs all have something of repetitive theme in them in the vocal parts, which makes them a little boring, and an instrumental midsection in which especially the skills of the guitarists shows through.  The lead vocals are a bit similar on all tracks, and seem to lack bit of emotion, which is only partly compensated by the well performed backing vocals.

Looking at the individual tracks, I think Sono Luminescence works best. On this track, the balance between the instruments works best, and it has the best structured instrumental midsection of the five. Wonderlust on the contrary seems to be a rather simple rock song in the end, the attempt to build a ‘soundscape’ is overpowered by the guitar and doesn’t work for me. The title track is shorter and also musically different from the other tracks. With spoken rather than sung vocals, and a somewhat psychedelic keyboard tune over a pulsing guitar and drum rhythm it works really well. A bit more variation in the other tracks would’ve made this a better debut, but the listening to the individual instruments and the crisp mix, this band certainly has potential.

The album is available from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and more online stores.

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