New things coming on Angelo’s Rock Orphanage

Turn up to 11

Well…. it’s been quiet her for the past two weeks, except for the Track-of-the-day. That will change shortly, as new reviews are pending for Manning, This Raging Silence, Harvest and Steam Theory. Also in the making is an article that is not a review, nor a track of the day, but definitely related to an album still on my review list. The title will be Why you should always turn it up to 11, and it will be contain input from Colin TenchJohn MitchellSteven Wilson, and the guys from Rush. Now what could that be about…. I know, and soon so will you. Keep an eye out for my blog the coming week!

P.S. Some time in the next couple of weeks, when I find the time to make some configuration changes, this blog will also become available under 🙂

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