Track of the Day: David Bowie – Five Years

Another one of my personal favourites, but only since a few months is this track by David Bowie. When I grew up I only learned about his ’80s work, which is not exactly to my liking, so I never bothered with checking out his earlier works – even though I heard rumours about Ziggy Stardust every once in a while.


Then someone introduced me to those earlier works (more on that in a later post, some time), and this was one of the first tracks she came up with: Five Years. The opening track of Ziggy Stardust as well, no surprise there….

The story behind it, and the story told in the lyrics are special, and gloomy or even scary depending on how you look at them – and perfectly matched by the music and vocals. This… is music.

Enjoy – and remember the past!

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