Track of the day – and review: Andres Guazzelli (ft. Corvus Stone) – Wish You Could Hear

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Argentinian composer, engineer and singer Andres Guazzelli is working on an album (a rock opera with the working title Wötan: The untold story), of which at least a number of singles will be released in 2015. In 2013, this piece Wish You Could Hear was released already, as a prequel to this album – while Andres contributed to an Oceans5 and Corvus Stone album at the same time.

With it’s almost classical arrangement, filled in by rock instruments (Colin Tench, omnipresent in indie prog land, on guitar, Petri Lindström on bass, Robert Wolff on drums and Andres himself on everything that has black and white keys), this track certainly is a promise of what is to be expected of Wötan and it’s composer. The track bounced back and forth between classical music, full blown rock with a driving bass and melodic prog rock with massive keyboards and crazy guitars. The title reflects the sigh of any review of this track, trying to put this track into words: I wish you could hear. Luckily, being on the internet, I am not bound by the limitations of the written press, so today, you can hear the first track-of-the-day that comes with a full written review. Enjoy, and keep enjoying! Greetings, from the Rock Orphanage!

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