Corvus Stone

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Corvus Stone I

It took a while…

…before I got around to writing a review for this album. A bit over 14 months ago, I got a copy through valued ProgArchives member Kati, who did the art work for the album.
Across these 14 months, I’ve played the album a number of times – at home, in my car, even at night in a tent in Slovenia. Every time, I heard something new, in this interesting melting pot of music. Some folk like things, some Marillion, Pink Floyd, but also the occasional 1970’s Deep Purple or Free riff.

Wonderful, but at the same time requiring you to really listen in order to be able to enjoy it – there is so much going on, and not everything is as easy to grasp casually. The album is a so varied that it gets hard to describe everything – so I’ll refrain from that. Instead, let me point out that the musicians who joined project leader Colin Tench on this album are amongst the best on their respective instruments, that the compositions are truly prog worthy and I only `realised on the third spin that the album was not fully instrumental.

All in all, a prog journey worth taking, best experienced on a warm summer night, in front of a tent in Slovenia.

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