Rush – Ahoy Rotterdam October 16th, 2007

Yesterday evening I had a pretty good time at a Rush concert in Rotterdam Ahoy. The band was very energetic, probably also due to the fact that they are recording material for a Live DVD there yesterday and today. We heard 8 tracks off the latest Snakes & Arrows album and about 20 older songs in a 3 hour concert. Tracks that have rarely been played live over the past years were included, like Natural Science, Entre Nous, Circumstances and the infamous 1974 song A Passage To Bangkok. The latter was sandwiched in the encore, between One Little Victory and the magnificiently performed closing instrumental YYZ.
Sound was better than I ever heard at Ahoy, someone must’ve done something right in that respect – and the stage show and lighting are just brilliant. In fact the light was so good that I was able to take blurfree pictures without using flash, camera stands etc. Proof included below.

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